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Yesterday, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, I was treated to a magical virtual ballet presentation of “The Nut,” produced by Ballet Pixelle.  A virtual dance uses avatars to move in a synchronize fashion to express a feeling or mood.  Ballet Pixelle debuted in 2007 under the direction of Artisitc Director and Choreographer, Inarra Saarinen, who also creates the animations allowing the dancers to move in a choreographic pattern without HUDs or poseballs.  Director Saarinen use of technology and the virtual space is ground breaking on many different levels from scientific innovation to limitless geographical boundaries. The Nut is offered till January 13, 2013 every Wednesday at 2pm and Sunday at 5pm.  I strongly encourage you to attend the production.

Truly this is a treated! It was my first time attending a ‘cultural event’ on SL and I will be sure to partake in more and share with you.  If you have any that you would like to suggest, please add them to the comment section.  I would like to learn your thoughts on utilizing SL as a forum to explore events and worlds that are undiscovered (or in my case, long-lost).  The holiday season is not the same without the magic of The Nutcracker.  Below are a few snapshot of the show…go see it!

Sugarplum fairies    close-up of sugarplum    sugarplaum 2-final snowflakes                   

     clara & the nutcracker   final-x-mas tree   final bow           

      secondlife-postcard_10    Me, Clara & the Prince   Nutcracker, Me & sign

On a side note, I found out about the show by accident on a hunt.  I stopped into Isis Boutique and was excited by the amount of hunts (5+) the store was on.  For all ballet lovers, I got at least 4 toe shoes and a few more fun items.  Check out this little store and attend the show.

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