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We all like GIFTS don’t we? continuously strives to add value to the SecondLife Community and we are organizing a new HUNT!  Join us as the spring flowers bloom with the Spring Fling Hunt. has been in SecondLife since 2009, bringing to you a unique approach to the hunt experience, with a themed outfit and the famous Moolto Glasses for all hunters! The "SPRING FLING" Hunt is for both men and women!


May 1st, 2017 - June 1st, 2017

-Keep the Inworld Group- '' for all updates!

Don't leave it... we will be introducing a FEE to JOIN!!


(If you can't find the Group InWorld with Search Check VampirePam's Profile!)

and Join this group here on the website:

And for the HUNT you will need  the group and the GLASSES
The Glasses are inside the HUNT BOX with lot of other GIFTS!
VERY IMPORTANT: Wear the Glasses in a SIM with SCRIPT ENABLED!!!

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