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Striking, masculine, crisp and realistic sums up what Nivaro Skins offer men of distinction.  The male skins have a masculine sensibility and style that suits a variety of looks from a fantasy Pan iconic image to the hard edges of Brando…and everything in between. 


-Nivaro- Skins are meticulously crafted and the work of a true artist, owner and creator extraordinaire ReishiProphet.


ReishiProphet specializes in hyper HD detailed skins that boast unique faces with expertly sculpted bodies that are perfectly balanced with accurate touches making them amazingly realistic and sexy.  


Nivaro Skins also offers a full line of beards that come in a variety of shapes. A real plus to these beards is that you can tint them so that it is easy to match the beard perfectly with your hair and skin tone.



Z A N Skin is one of the most detailed of skin textures Nivaro offers.  “ Every skin pore was lovingly crafted, I made lips so realistic you can almost taste them, and cheekbones so high you could cut glass on them.  I wanted this to be the most striking male face to be found anywhere on the grid,” says ReishiProphet.  One look at the simmering sensuality of Zan and you will be sold.

PAN Skin is a study of phantasmagorical perfection with a proud regal face like a king of the verdant realms of the forests and lone mountaintops. This skin exudes raw masculine potency. Super detailed lips that could break a thousand hearts, eyebrows that speak with passionate clarity, and eyes that project pure magic, this is the ultimate fantasy that is Pan.

V A S E A N Skin radiates legendary Latin charm with evocative eyes that promise pleasure. Women swoon over Vasean’s full lips and a hard jawline that has an edge you could strike a match on. This skin is raw, original, and projects the finest masculine alchemy you'll find in our wonderful digital world.

B R A N D O Skin is pure iconic masculine bad boy glamour.  This skin is a tribute to Brando who is lauded by Hollywood as the original rebel in the movie industry. Because of Brando's strikingly good looks coupled with his ability to mesmerize audiences he became known for his notorious behavior making him the ultimate risqué sex symbol.  This is a skin for an infamous trailblazer with an edge and style that is magnetic.

C U N O V  Skin is exotic, sleek and carnal. Honey tones, incense and images of long nights under the stars or a long journey seeking sweet treasures this skin beckons with a smoldering sensuality.  This skin is unforgettably glamorous with a body to die for and a face so striking it permanently burns a memory to your very soul.

C R O W Skin is even better than the boy next door with his finely cut high cheekbones that would own any catwalk, or woman.  Crow drips with pure masculine charm…daring dimples, contrasting heavy eyebrows and very kissable lips, he's like all your favorite icons rolled into one.

E M E R S O N Skin is reminiscent of a pure English gentleman with an aristocratic allure that you can shake a diamond encrusted cane at. High cheekbones, a nose line as straight as an arrow and lips that promise romance and beckon you to take a stroll in an English seaside garden. Emerson features an upgraded body that is heavenly with detailed realistic appeal.

Nivaro Beards: Utilizing a clever tattoo layer, beards come in black as well as in a tintable version. 

The tintable version makes it easy to adjust the beards to match your skin tone as well as your hair.

All Nivaro Skins come with a helpful tinting notecard and guide making it easy to achieve the perfect look.  Nivaro has made all their beards and facial makeups on a tattoo layer making it easy to combine multiples beards creating the perfect unique look that is so you.


Get a new cutting edge realistic look…at Nivaro Skins. It is a place that is simply a must see and must have for men of style and taste.  Choose from bad boy Brando, the idyllically handsome Pan, elegant Emerson among many more… a to define your look, your personality and yourself.

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