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Find the contests advertised on Moolto all in one spot...

- For your added convenience, Moolto Contests lists all the contests offered by the various group within our community. Now there is no reason for you not know exactly what is up for grabs or on offer in Second Life.

- For the groups in our community it offers yet another opportunity to advertise their contests. Post a comment with all the informations about your contest whenever you feel so. If you want that your contest is showed in top part of the group, please Contact Maxes Loon.

This group will be updated with news from the contests as well new contest listings as and when they are posted on Moolto. Joining you will be informed in real time!!!


Most of the contests we feature allow you more than one chance to win!! So if you are not successful the first time around you often have another chance or two to try again. So don’t give up, he or she who perseveres succeeds.

And what’s more you can enter any or all of the contests featured giving you even better odds at winning with some of the top designers in Second Life™

Please come and have a look at what is on offer for you and make sure you read the rules carefully of the contests you want to enter,
@ clicking on the logo of interest.

You will notice that most of the contests are run over anything from 2 to 3 months which means that if you do not win in month one you have another 2 chances to do so. Each month is therefore a separate contest in its own right.

The majority of the contests are co-ordinated in order to allow you to post your entries in the first 20 days of each month and following that allows you and your friends to come and vote for your favourite over the last 10 days of that month.

For example, for all the contests that start on the 1st day of the month, 'July session' will give you the opportunity to post your entry for the first 20 days of the month (July 1st - July 20th). After that, there will be public vote (July 21st - July 31st) and then the judges selection and winners announcement will follow after that. That then concludes the 'July session' and then the 'August session' will start.

Again, You are allowed to partecipate as many contests you want with as many designers your want.

Good luck to everyone!


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