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Latest from Lovers Playground - Update December 22th

Lovers Playground
 by Qeux Serge


Qeux Serge arrived in Second Life in 2006 and almost immediately got into creating content in the form of beds for the residents of SL, establishing and registering Lovers Playground.


He is very focussed about producing only the very best content for his customers.  He says “my mission is that I want everyone in SL to understand that Lovers Playground has the absolute best Animation system and the largest, with the best customer service better than any other in SL  ...”






Not only does Lovers Playground sell sex beds but they offer a fully comprehensive range of animated furnishings and accessories i.e. full bedroom suites, massage tables, beach towels, the well-known 42 minute Kama sutra love scene and much more.








Visit our main  at Lovers PlayGround to try them out or buy it on Market Place:




Happy Holidays from Lionna, Qeux, and the entire Lovers Playground Staff!

210 animations, couples, group, and all girl and Texture color change.

Many styles, from modern to gothic to beachy and canopy. DOZENS of new beds!!
Also- Our Holiday items are out-animated xmas trees swings and much more with more holiday items being created daily.

Stop by today and pick up a little something for you or a loved one or UPGRADE your BED< RUG< TUB< SHOWER. Staff on hand to help! Happy Shopping!!


 Main Store Entrance

Don't think we forgot about the PETITES.. We have NEW Holiday items for you too!! Animated Xmas Trees, holiday fireplaces (be careful, I think you can get stuck in the chimney on this fireplace) and a simple Holiday tree with single animations. Now PETITES can decorate their home and cuddle up by the holiday decorated fireplace and unwrap gifts too. Happy Holidays to all our petite members. The Sex Xmas tree is also on the market Place.

Lovers Playground Petite Shop




We have 2 NEW MASSAGE tables, loaded with 500+ animations, including some specialty animations sure to add to the realism and create a spa like experience. FULLY texture/color change so you can customize to match your home. Rezzables menu offers a collection of accessories including cabanas so you can create a room perfect for your NEW MASSAGE TABLE. Stop by and pick one up today as a gift for a friend or yourself. Happy Shopping!!





Many have asked for it, it is finally here!


Come and see our Brand New 550 animation Mistress Throne.
Make this a part of your BDSM collection.


Filled with all new custom animations found no where else, it is sure to please all your friends.
Get it today while it is hot!
Landmark is attached! 




We have a collection of winter/holiday items including cuddle items and sex/cuddle items. Gift boxes with cuddles, animated Igloo, NEW SEXMAS TREES, Animated Sleighs and much more. Come see what's new so far this holiday season at LP.

 ALL NEW Double Gender Group Igloo.

The rug is what you rez out, then , using the REZZABLES menu you can choose style of IGLOO, add pillows with sits, logs with sits and hand warming animations, firepits, stew pots, skate ponds with 3 styles of skating including awkward skating which is hilarious to play. Snow Ball Fights for ALL included with instructions and much more... A complete winter wonderland loaded with surprises and NEW ANIMATIONS!!


Happy Shopping.



 (adult only)

U Shaped sofa/sectional with 500 animations PLUS single sits in the cushions. We took 500 of our best animations, including bdsm and group sits and put them into this ALL NEW custom made U shaped sectional complete with aquarium, fireplaces, rug, extra pillows with sits and came up with this set which is a full Living Room in ONE. UPGRADE your sofa today!!



We have 2 NEW rugs, one has 662 animations, sculpted messy rug, optional pillows with sits, and is fully texture color change. Couples/3some menus.
The 2nd rug is our popular 1241 animation rug with a NEW sculpted messy look as well. Group, couples, and much more. Both rugs have a huge collection of our best animations and custom baked textures. From modern, to traditional, to beachy to goth, any style you like. Stop by and UPGRADE your old rug today!!




348 Animations plus single sits in the tub water. Couples tub-shower combo. You can use the rezzables menu to add the shower, toilet, several animated sinks and much more. FULL BATH SET!. Texture/color change including stone, tile, woods so this set can be used in victorian homes, cabins, rustic settings or even modern homes. The perfect addition to your home and loaded with some of our best animations. Stop by and UPGRADE your old tub./shower today!!

Showers and Baths SLURL



ALL GIRL SPA - 715 Animations

715 animations, scenes, tons of new cuddles, oral, sex, group sex, group cuddles and much more. 20 Single sits in each cushion allowing up to 10 people to use the spa at once. Relax with friends, or have couples intimate times.Upgrade your spa today. Touch control texture change allows you to customize to match your homes decor. Stop by today and try out this NEW ALL GIRL SPA!! Happy Shopping!


Lovers PlayGround has spent weeks making a custom designed, modern sectional with matching arm chair set. 500+ animations (NEW menus) in the sectional including our newest animations and multi sits in the arm chair and matching stool. This set is sleek, modern and low prim.  FULLY texture/color change with custom textures that make this a one of a kind set that's able to be used in any setting.

Try them out today at Lovers PlayGround, creators of SL's premier animated furnishings. 




3833 animation Dominator X2

Our popular 3833 animation Dominator X2 now comes in a cover engine.  You can place the cover engine on top of any bed or surface you wish to use the animations.  Some adjusting may be required depending on how you use the engine.  So come by and check it out.  We also have other cover engines available with various menus.





3 new Aquariums

LP has designed and listed  3 different aquariums with sculped swimming fish and custom made textures. All 3 are texture change so you can match them with any decor. They are pieces of furniture that will add life to your homes in SL and come in 3 prim amounts, for those not worried about prims and for those prim concious. Check them out today. They are lovely additions to your LP furnishings collection. Happy Shopping.


Qeux is quick to emphasise that Lovers Playground is a team effort and that he co owns it with his partner Lionna Dumouriez, with Grey Tomsen as Executive Scriptor-Director of Technology.

This and much  more at LOVERS PLAYGROUND

Qeux quipped “we get many great and interesting people coming in to our store”.  Clearly he and his team have fun with what they do and they intend on providing SL with the best animation system possible in order to bring your Second Life to life ….



Mystique Shoppes 128/203/22  => 3110 Animation beds-sex beds Bed boots

A Lovers PlayGround 128/246/22  => 42 Minute Kamasutra ONLY at Lovers PlayGround

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