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*AR* is the “to go” to place in SL for bedroom sets and loads of accessories and decorative items for kids.Initially started sometime in 2010, *AR* was established as alternative source for SL Residents to purchase furnished skyboxes.


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From this concept *AR* Kidz was born and has the distinction of being one of the first stores in SL focused on bedroom sets as well as a wide range of accessories designed exclusively for SL children.  


The creative and passionate genius behind the designs of *AR* is Anjelika Rexen, an interior designer and marketing pro in RL.  Her love of interior design and her curiosity to explore her creativity in SL is reflected in each of her beautifully designed creations. 



★ * AR * is celebrating 2nd anniversary

A message from Anjelika Rexen the CEO:

'Thanks to all of you for your preference and for allow *AR* be part of your second life, for 2 years now =)), thank you for allow me to be part of your homes and family through my furniture. My biggest commitment is to have happy clients, and i will continue making my best effort to give all of you innovating and good quality products'.




* AR * - DEMO SKIN - Addie, Allie & Annie

On Market Place

Beautiful skins created specially for kids (pg body, yayyy no more adult bodies), new look for all the little girls that want lovely and unique doll face. Compatible with toddleedoo & yabuska avis.

Come in 5 tones: 
- Almond
- Beige
- Ivory (asian eyes)
- Natural
- Sand

Each tone comes with: 
- Base
- Base + panties
- Close lips
- Close lips + panties
- Teethed
- Teethed + panties

All them also in skinner HUD for use with mesh avatars.

* Please rate my products, if you have any trouble let me know contacting me in world, leaving a bad review doesn't help me to know there is a problem nor give me the chance to fix it.


New princess room

Imperial Princess Room
A new lovely room for princesses, blueish ambiance is perfect for any season, fresh for spring and summer, and cold/frozen look for winter. 2 options of bed included (one normal bed, one crib) so babies and kids can use it, even big and lil sissy can share room.
★ Only 95 prims (kid option)
★ Fully interactive with parents and friends
★ 80% mesh made
★ Wallpaper and carpet texture included for complete the look (please do not give away)


New group gift

(Imperial Princess Tea time & colouring table)

The tea time and colouring table it is not included BUT it is set as Group Gift in the back of the entrance wall. 


A lovely new room for all the lovers of purple and/or pandas, this gorgeous room was designed for lil girls but this time added also crib and rocking chair for babies, this is the perfect set for babies growing to toddlers, or sisters (big and small) sharing room.

★ Only 86 prims (without baby option)
★ Fully interactive with parents and friends
★ 50% mesh made
★ Wallpaper and carpet texture included for complete the look.

Includes: Bed, Crib, 2 Panda plushes, Vanity, Bookcase, NIghtstand, Rug, Decorative frames, Chaise longue, Rocking chair and Lamp.



* AR * brings to you a totally new room lego inspired, super fun and colorful, designed for boys but perfectly can work for girls also, all made by slego pieces. Fit any kid size (adjusted with 1.00 mt avi size).
- Only 75 prims
- Fully interactive with parents and friends
- 95% mesh made
- Wallpapers and carpet texture included for a complete look


Princess Gothic

 Updates of the Princess Gothic now smaller and interactive with parents and friends.

Perfect for a mystic Halloween ambiance.

And  remember 50% Off in all items in showcases inside store wearing group tag.



An Updated of Princess Pink Room,

now come in smaller version and with interactive animations.

If you hadn't gotten yet come and see it in world, remember 50% Off

in all items in showcases inside store wearing group tag.



* AR * - Miss Ladybug
The toddler version of the Ladybug nursery.

* AR * - Sailor
The toddler version of the Little Sailor nursery.

And * AR * - Superkid room is back!

Perfect for the heroes of the house!

Come and visit our Little Shop and try these new amazing rooms, remember wallpaper and floor texture are included for make you room look exactly as you are seen it on store.









2 new nurseries special made for baby mesh avis (yabu, toddlerdoo, ck toddler) are at our Little Shop in Happy Feet.
Beautiful nursery only 93 prims, is the perfect match for the previous Flutterby room for tots.












The new version of our Fresh Nursery with only 115 prims and in pink and purple perfect for the little princess of the house.


Remember 50% OFF until next releases in the rooms at the show cases.


* AR * wants you to have the room as shown on our pics thats why we are included the wall textures and the floor texture.


Dont miss it out and come to our store to see the new nurseries.


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