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Since my last blog for The White Armory, SL apparel designer, Bee Dumpling has been a busy lady.  As well as designing a beautiful gown for Miss France to wear in the MVW pageant, Bee has also designed some exquisite gowns for the party season and also thrown in a few magical medieval gowns as well.

0. Blog Josephine

Empress Josephine designed for Lolita Paragorn,  Miss France 2013

When I asked Bee about the inspiration for this gown, she told me that Lolita Paragorn wanted a gown with a bit of history.  Empress Josephine was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and also the first Empress of France.  The gown that Bee designed (above) was Empress Josephine’s coronation gown.

0. Blog Marquess 2

Marquesa de Llano gown

From an Empress, I now introduce a gown named Marquesa de Llano.  This Marquesa did exist in history, however, all I can find so far is a photograph of her.  I’m sure she would have adored this beautiful gown that Bee designed.  It is also one of my favourite colour combinations in the series.

0. Blog Swing out Sister

Swing Out Sister Gown

Next is a gown from the Sheer Elegance Collection, Swing Out Sister.  I love the name of this gown, as it reminds me of one of my favourite songs from the 1980′s, sung by a pop group with the same name.  This gorgeous gown has a mesh bodice and a choice of either a floral or solid colour skirt, a very elegant gown to waltz out of 2012 and into 2013,

0. Blog Tranquil

Tranquil gown from the Moods Ballroom Collection

Some of you may have seen that I featured the Festive gown in my previous blog from the Moods Ballroom Collection.  I do love this series, so I thought I would show you another, the Tranquil in one of Bee’s favourite colours, Teal.  These dresses are also partial mesh and Bee has very kindly included a modesty top, which not only covers the essentials, but also finishes the look beautifully.

0. Blog Guardian White TreeGuardian of The White Tree

Finally, we travel back to the medieval era with a recently released collection of gowns Bee designed for those women who love to indulge in some SL roleplay.  I have to say I love this new mesh style slim skirt that Bee has designed for these gowns, they are very flattering.

Well this is my last  blog for The White Armory in 2012.  Whilst writing, here is a diary date for you.  The White Armory are holding a Winter Wonderland fashion show on Saturday 19th January, so I hope you can join us for a delicious banquet, some fine wine and of course some amazing fashion.

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