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Wear the tag throughout all the Hunt to receive your gifts.

The tag will allow you to Wear your MAGIC GLASSES.

Without the Magic Glasses you can't pick up your Gifts.

If you don't have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them up here:

Clicking Moolto Kiosk or from any '' Kiosk Inworld

Glasses are inside the HUNT BOX with lot of other GIFTS!

VERY IMPORTANT: Wear the Glasses in a SIM with SCRIPT ENABLED for!!!!

P.s. Snowman 'smiles only' to nice ladies!


(in each gift box you find the TIP for next location)

• Akeruka -

HINT: Who doesn't like 'New'?

• Indyra Originals -
• Maverick Design -
• EssentialSoul Poses
• Ozimal -
• Starchild Designs -
• Orage Creations
• My Animation -
• Morea Style -
• Vista Animation -
• EMO-tions -
• GizzA -
• LaVie -
• Glitter Fashion -
• M&M Creations -
• sYs Design -
• Chop Zuey Couture -
• Kent Photography -
• Lillou’s Design
• Eden Jewelry -
• K-Code -
• AvaTare
• Evie's Closet
• Jewelry By Jake -
• Mohna Lisa -
• Styles by Danielle
• Moreno Forwzy - M&M -
• Amacci
• Jazmyn D
• reBourne prefab -
• Sparrowtree Studios
• Vassnia -
• Vero Modero
• GBTM -
• Estravaganza -
• Mimi's Choice -
• Aimesi Sculpties -
• Lady Mor
• Gold in the night
• Lisa L
• Mojo -
• VelvetRythms -
• Energy
• Yghen Stuff
• DCNY Clothing Co.
• AngelsDemons -
• Image Reflections -
• con Charisma


    If you are a Brand Owner you can still add your location till the end of the hunt!! Contact Maxes Loon for it!


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Replies to This Discussion

is it me , why i can't click on the hunt locations is the link fixed?

I had trouble as well.

I could click on the links and one box opened but the2nd box,  teleport to location box wouldn't allow me to teleport

It kept opening My Computer where my Files are located at.

It's wierd but I simply, copied and pasted the slurl into the

Local Chat box and clicked it from there, then the LM opened and I got in.

Kuddos to the stores which provide hints and don't hide the gifts where it gets frustrating.

I have been to several shops in previous hunts that I realized would be toooooo time consuming to hunt at.

Solution? I simply skip over it and make sure not to ever visit that shop again.

If I see I am over 10-15 minutes in a store for a hunt, I'm out! Maverick

and Akeruka are 2 of my favs. Ivy and Koa---> You Roc

'nuff said.

I'm ghost!


OMGawd! LaVie's Dec2011 moolto gift took me a long time to find but once I did, I was delighted.

It's the nicest skin!

You go girl!

 I really MUST wear that skin for one of my collages.

Thanks for that awesome gift, as well as the otherone.  Yeup, there are 2 gifts in the moolto prize

Ssshhhh....I won't blow the surprise.

Also, there are plenty others to spread cheer for Group Members scattered throughout the store Paying ONLY $1L for each gift box. 

Everyone will be getting busy @ LaVie!


Some locations are wrong. Kent photography and Estravaganza for example :(

And I don't find the shop in world...


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