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Wear the tag throughout all the Hunt to receive your gifts.

The tag will allow you to Wear your MAGIC GLASSES.

Without the Magic Glasses you can't pick up your Gifts.

If you don't have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them up here: 

Clicking Moolto Kiosk or from any '' Kiosk Inworld 

Glasses are inside the HUNT BOX with lot of other GIFTS!

VERY IMPORTANT: Wear the Glasses in a SIM with SCRIPT ENABLED for!!!!





(in each gift box you find the TIP for next location)




     Post your entry for the styling contest following the hunt!!! 

    • A picture of yourself full body on the main group in the comment area and add a comment outlining the brands used in the styling, including accessories and poses used (more info in the group page).  





      JUNE HUNT has been offered by:

The premier place to go for avatar design Skin • Shape • Beauty. We will keep you up to date. MD - Best Look of the Month is here!



ORAGE CREATIONS is a luxury brand in the virtual world of Second Life®. You can find Haute Couture, formal and casual clothes and realistic limited editions skins.




Unique, custom and special poses for models (men & women), couples, groups... We make you move!




At INDYRA Originals design matters, look around you it is everywhere, but nowhere more so than here.




Laid back casual clothing store with a delectable palette of clothing options sure to keep you looking your grooviest each and every day.



Gawk! offers a wide range of Clothes for Women & Men in an old warehouse on a realistic detailed harbor sim. Enjoy your shopping experience.



This very well established fashion brand in SecondLife® are the purveyors of some of the most super sexy outfits you could possibly wish for .



The Runway Cafe focuses on selling the designer’s line within the framework of a more intimate and fun atmosphere.



[sYs] Design is a future-forward fashion clothing brand that has quickly garnered a reputation within the cyber fashion culture across SecondLife®.



Vista Animations is synonymous with AO’s both for male and female avatars. Also supplies other Virtual world goods such as clothing and accessories.



Fashion & Body Shop for women and men...For all your needs; apparel, gowns, suits, casual, realistic skins, shapes, eyes...



Akeyo gives you more options with Animation Overriders and Dance Animation. Also stocks other surprises for your home and for your wardrobe.



Essential lines, minimalist but also refined solutions and an accurate study of proportions make Jador/CASA style so innovative and fashionable.



EssentialSoul is the Best poses in SL, real live emotions. It supplies various items and HUD to improve SL resident’s experiences in Second Life™



Specializing in Gothic, Vampire and Gorean roleplaying styles along with accessories and hair for the strong woman who delights in showing her sexy side.




Founded by an artistic photographer, her designs punches you in the eyes with a mix of glam & sophistication for both men and women.




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