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Due to some recent inaccurate comments and excessive use of group spamming by several members I need to politely remind everyone of the basic terms and conditions.

As CEO of I positively encourage freedom of speech, idea sharing and communication between members of this community. What will not be tolerated are potentially libelous or false statements or images that could damage the reputation of or any of its
services, events, members, business partners or associated projects and
ultimately -brand identity.

Group spamming is an anti social activity that is discouraged. 

All group notices should contain information relevant to members of that group only.

I understand that mistakes and miscommunication can happen in a virtual environment so always give fair warning of any inappropriate behavior prior to deleting accounts on

My chief role as CEO of is to protect the reputation and character of its members and all associated services connected with the name. All staff and external advisory bodies connected to including our legal team take this very seriously.

If anyone has any doubt on what can and what cannot be posted –please feel free to contact me and I am happy to help advise you.


Pam Nightshadow

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Ok. So, just so I'm clear:

1. If I want to advertise when I'm djing...I can do that how?

2. If I want to post the events for the club I manage, then I have to make a group? O.o


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